NEW! ZipWall® Unbreakable Head

Incredible high-tech material will not break!

Interchangeable with the ZipWall® standard head. Fits all ZipWall® spring-loaded poles.

Limited lifetime warranty – replacement is contingent upon return of broken HS1U heads. See ZipWall® warranty for details.




The ZipWall® Unbreakable Head is made of incredibly tough high-tech material that will not break. It may be used in place of a standard ZipWall® head and fits all ZipWall® spring-loaded poles.

We offer a limited lifetime warranty for this product – see ZipWall® warranty for details.

Patent pending
Contents One unbreakable head.

Shipping information
Weight: 1.12 oz
Dimensions: 6″ × 4″ × 0.5″

Snap the head onto the top of the ZipWall® dust barrier pole.

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