About Us


ZipWall LLC is the maker of the ZipWall® Dust Barrier System, the only comprehensive dust barrier solution for construction, remodeling, and renovation. ZipWall pioneered the dust barrier category in 1997 and continues to transform the field with twenty-five patents, numerous industry awards, and a steady stream of innovative products.

A ZipWall® dust barrier can be set up in just a few minutes without ladders, tape, or damage. ZipWall® products are used by residential and commercial contractors to meet practically any dust barrier installation challenge – setting up a plastic dust barrier, setting up a reusable-fabric dust barrier, creating an entry in a plastic barrier, creating a room within a room, covering a door, sealing off a hallway, or sealing a barrier without tape – to name a few.

ZipWall® products are designed in the US and sold all over the world.


Industries & Applications

The ZipWall® dust barrier system is used virtually everywhere. Professional contractors across industries and trades depend on ZipWall® barriers for dust protection. The ZipWall® dust barrier is used in remodeling, renovation, and restoration jobs, painting and sanding, drywall and flooring jobs, demolition, concrete cutting, and the list goes on. Beyond construction, the ZipWall® dust barrier system is widely used for abatement, mold remediation and flood restoration, and is popular among facility managers who use it to keep their facilities running smoothly during construction, remodeling and renovation projects. ZipWall® barriers can be found in healthcare facilities, hospitality and retail spaces, manufacturing, government and education buildings, transportation and property management buildings, and of course, in the residential market where the ZipWall® system originated.


Jeff Whittemore, Biography

Jeff Whittemore, president and founder of ZipWall, LLC, previously owned a wood flooring company which received the prestigious “Best of Boston” award from Boston magazine in 1997. Protection from dust and exceptional client care were central to the success of the Whittemore Wood Floor company and inspired the invention of the ZipWall® dust barrier system in 1997. The innovative system, which allows contractors to set up dust barriers in minutes, quickly won top industry awards and became a commercial success.

Mr. Whittemore holds 25 patents, and continues to refine, expand, and enhance the ZipWall® dust barrier system.