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Use a FoamRail Span™ to seal a barrier. To seal along the ceiling, simply snap the Span onto the top of a ZipWall® pole, then raise and lock the pole into place. To seal along the wall, snap the Span onto a SideBridge™ and place it between the wall and nearest pole.

“With a small army of ZipWall poles we knocked out our biggest onsite booth to date in no time…” writes Philip, lead painter for @zkpainting. How cool is this video and the creative use of our FoamRail Span™ to protect the ceiling?

In their Return to Work Interim Guidance Toolkit, the American Dental Association recommends placing physical barriers to facilitate distancing in the waiting area. Physical barriers are also used to separate treatment bays at practices like Pediatric Dentistry of Matthews, NC.

Did you know you can find any ZipWall® specialty or replacement part online at

As businesses get ready to reopen, a key element is creating physical separation between clients. Wendyo Salon in Acton MA is using ZipWall® poles to create barriers between workstations.

Stay safe and enjoy the long weekend!

Physical barriers are an important component of preparing to reopen. Many dental practices featuring an open bay layout like that of Jason Sperati, DDS,at Pediatric Dentistry of Matthews, NC are using ZipWall® barriers to divide their treatment areas into separate “rooms”.

“These ZipWall poles are so awesome! I was skeptical at first,” says Miiller's Construction who won the poles from Armstrong-Clark, "but... these things are just unreal awesome. It looks like there’s a lot of work… setting this up. This might have taken me 15 minutes max..."

With all this time spent at home you may be seeing a need for home improvements like this stunning bathroom renovation by @mtcarpentry. Expert contractors like them use the ZipWall Dust Barrier System to keep their client’s home dust free while the remodeling goes on.

Check out this beautiful ZipWall barrier set up by JRM Construction for remodeling Kerry's Restaurant & Catering In McCool Junction, Nebraska. “The Zipwall is up and ready to let the dust fly!!!”

Hospitals are now using the ZipWall Steel Frame Magnetic Door to isolate Covid-19 patients. Nurses love this door according to Dean Ianazzi, Director of Operations for two hospitals, because they can take readings through the clear window reducing the need to enter patient rooms.

Prep work for a Thermal Remediation Heat Treatment for Bedbugs. @ZipWall to the rescue! #thermalremediation #bedbug #heattreatment #pestcontrol #bug #insect #ameripest

Stay safe at work and protect your customers with @ZipWall. View the full range online.
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