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This ZipWall ‘Care Room’ was set up at the Carroll School in Massachusetts to serve as a waiting area for students with COVID-19 symptoms while they are waiting to be picked-up or transported to a healthcare facility.

ABC’s World News, August 3, shows Florida hospitals were pressed to prepare for the expected landfall of hurricane Isaias while managing a spike in COVID-19 cases. ZipWall barriers can be seen in hospitals around the nation, helping them control the spread of the disease.

This ZipWall barrier is witnessing some cool action! Posted by Private Painters Corp., Reading, MA:
“First phase of paint striping on our restoration project has begun! “

Schools using ZipWall barriers to facilitate reopening. Danielle Pedreira of the Carroll School in MA said they are using “ZipWall poles, zipper doors, and magnetic door kits to control flow in open areas where people tend to congregate, for example, around the reception desk.”

What a cool idea! Posted by
JIGSAWPMR of New Jersey: “All my zipwall poles off the ground in the truck and all in one place.”

With COVID cases unfortunately surging in the Sun Belt states, ZipWall barriers can be seen in many hospitals as they prepare to care for new patients, These images were aired on ABC World News Tonight Friday, July 24.

ZipWall® Helps Schools Reopen. “We've been very impressed and pleased with the flexibility, ease and temporary nature of the ZipWall solutions. They have been a critical part of our health and safety solutions for our school,” said Danielle Pedreira, of the Carroll School in MA.

One of the most popular uses of ZipWall® poles is for setting up a paint booth on the jobsite quickly and efficiently.. These booths can also be used as a cutting or prep area, or as a dust-free zone for tools and personal items. Learn more at

The eco-friendly alternative to plastic sheeting, ZipFast™ Reusable Panels quickly zip together to form a temporary wall as wide as you need. These machine washable panels are ready to use - no measuring or cutting is required! They provide privacy, too.

The ZipDoor® has turned out to be extremely useful during the COVID pandemic. Nursing homes and senior living facilities as well as healthcare clinics and various offices have been using them to easily and temporarily seal off rooms.

To carefully protect clients’ property Turner Painting of Texas uses ZipWall barriers and dust-free tools. They set up this barrier with the ZipWall magnetic door for a kitchen remodel in Texas.

The FoamRail Span™ is the quickest and easiest way to seal up to 8' along a ZipWall barrier. Simply mount the Span on the top, side, or bottom of a ZipWall pole to seal along the ceiling, wall or floor. Learn more:

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