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Protecting finished areas from dust is a top priority for remodelers. “Loving my ZipWall” says @ed_wardltd, who posted this job of leveling off drywall and restoring walls in this beautiful home.

ZipWall® barriers on a floor drying job in Hoboken – a beautiful post by @floodco_usa, focused on indoor air quality after water and mold damage.

James talks about ZipWall® Heavy-Duty zippers: ”Setting up my favorite dust barrier from ZipWall. Man I love putting these up!! They’re so much fun! So I Used 2 zippers to make a wide opening so It’s easier for the trades to go in & out with material!" Thanks @buildwithjames

ZipWall® Heavy-Duty zippers are the quickest way to create an entry in a dust barrier. Each box includes the patented jam-preventing ZipperKnife™, and hooks for keeping the door open when needed.

ZipWall® in Retail – This ZipWall® barrier featuring a Magnetic Door was set up in less than 10 minutes for a drywall job at a Golf Pro Shop. Merchandise was protected from dust and the store remained operational throughout the project!

When remodeling a kitchen, a ZipWall® dust barrier is an ideal way to keep dust contained while allowing home owners access after hours. Check out this example posted by Eagle Creek Woodworks.

Setting up a ZipFast barrier is easy! These reusable panels zip together to form a barrier as wide as needed, and work with all ZipWall® poles. Try this eco-friendly alternative to plastic sheeting!

“When a big company calls you out to be at a job after hours to set up dust barrier containment at Neiman Marcus to protect millions of dollars worth of inventory to have the tile and carpet demoed is a good feeling to know your work is quality…@altered_image_cnc

Sanding a stone countertop generates a lot of fine dust. For refinishing this soapstone kitchen counter, @spong_construction set up a ZipWall® dust barrier – “a fantastic product to help control dust in finished houses!“ We appreciate the shoutout!

The ZipWall 20’ pole is our most versatile. It is quick & easy to set up, and works with ceiling heights all the way up to 20’. This aluminum pole weighs only 3.25 lb and collapses down to 5’2” for easy storage and transport.

Restoration contractors quickly create drying chambers using ZipWall® spring-loaded poles and zippers.

The self-closing ZipWall® Magnetic Door is the best way to get in and out of your dust barrier. Watch how easy it is to set it up!

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