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Wondering how easy is it to set up a ZipWall® dust barrier? Watch this quick step-by-step guide. The ZipWall® barrier shown took less than 5 minutes to set up.

When working with high ceilings, ZipWall® 20 spring-loaded poles make life easy! A temporary barrier up to 20 feet high can be set up in minutes without ladders or scissor lifts, and without damaging the surface.

Always fun to find a ZipWall® dust barrier on a great looking job site. Thanks for the post from Salgado Design & Construction, Los Angeles.

Sealing a water damaged area is an important first step – it helps prevent damage from spreading and significantly cuts drying time! Many restoration experts rely on ZipWall® barriers for a fast, tight seal.

Few things are more frustrating than zipper jams. The patented ZipperKnife™ is specially designed to keep the plastic away from zipper teeth to prevent jams. It is included in every ZipWall® Heavy-Duty Zipper pack.

This ZipWall® barrier is part of a prepped spraypainting site posted by Tyler Grace @Trghomeconcepts. Love seeing our products in action!

@tekrabuilders take good care of their customers: “When remodeling in someone’s home, we always try and be the least intrusive as possible.” To give home owners access to their garage during a recent remodel, TEKRA Builders installed a ZipWall® dust barrier with a magnetic door.

Reusable ZipFast™ panels are a great alternative to plastic sheeting. The opaque material looks professional and provides privacy on both sides of the barrier. Shown here with ZipWall® 12 spring-loaded poles and Magnetic Door.

Quote from remediation expert Randy Searls who is working to help North Carolina home owners recover from damage caused by Hurricane Florence. Our hearts are with them, and our thanks to Randy and his team.

ZipWall® Heavy-Duty Zippers can be placed as far apart as you need. On busy job sites, a ZipWall® magnetic door is often used for foot traffic and a wide zipper door is installed next to it for equipment and supplies.

ZipWall® Heavy-Duty Zippers come in 2-packs and 12-packs. Every pack includes flap hooks and the patented jam-preventing ZipperKnife™ cutter!

ZipWall® 12 foot poles and Heavy-Duty Zippers are a great dust protection solution for commercial and residential projects. Thanks @dsbuilt for this great post!

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