ZipWall® Keep it Dust Free Oct 2019

Keep it Dust Free – Protecting the home from dust and ensuring the best possible finish is a top priority for professional remodelers. Check out this cool barrier configuration with vaulted ceilings!  Posted by Allsup Painting LLC.


ZipWall® Very Impressed – Easy to Use & Works Well Oct 2019

Very Impressed: Easy to Use & Works Well – Tried ZipWall® for the first time during this window-to-door conversion. “No More Tape and Wasted Time! We were very impressed at how easy it was to use and how well it worked Read more


ZipWall® ZipWall Magnetic Door for Easy Access Oct 2019

ZipWall Magnetic Door for Easy Access – Great use of a ZipWall Magnetic door on this 32” door conversion to a 6’ patio slider. Easy hands-free access through this self-closing magnetic door! Posted by DRM Solutions.


ZipWall® ZipWall Magnetic Door and Air Scrubber Oct 2019

ZipWall Magnetic Door and Air Scrubber – Work together to keep dust from spreading to the rest of the home throughout the various stages of a remodel: demo, framing, trades, drywall, and paint. Posted by Stumpff Homeworks.


ZipWall® Great Care in Protecting Client’s Home Oct 2019

Great Care in Protecting Client’s Home – A perfect demonstration of how to protect a client’s home from dust during a remodeling project. Posted by Stumpff Homeworks.


ZipWall® Access to Kitchen during a Remodel Oct 2019

Access to Kitchen during a Remodel – A ZipWall® Magnetic Door makes a big difference in a kitchen remodel. Homeowners enjoy easy access through the barrier on evenings and weekends. Posted by JB Construction & Design.


ZipWall® Extra Tight Seal Oct 2019

Extra Tight Seal – Another great example of dust protection during a remodel, this one using the ZipWall® FoamRails™ to seal the barrier tightly along the ceiling. Posted by Stumpff Homeworks.


ZipWall® Dust Free Remodeling Oct 2019

Dust Free Remodeling – “No matter if it’s just replacing a window or a big remodel, we can make sure it stays dust free and clean.” Posted by MNBuilt Inc. 


ZipWall® Quickly Seal a Barrier Oct 2019

Quickly Seal a Barrier – After setting up a ZipWall® barrier, you can quickly seal it all the way around using FoamRail Spans – check out the Span™ Kit. Posted by ZipWall LLC.