The Boston Globe: Ask the Carpenter – Remodeling? Steps for Containing all that Dust Nov 2017

Tips for Contractors: Enclose the area, if needed.

“As a carpenter, I learned pretty quickly that controlling remodeling dust and keeping it from spreading throughout your client’s home is a challenge. It is often more important than the quality of your work. You may “crush” the job on quality but be a slob, and the latter is pretty much the last thing they’ll remember about your work. Over the years I have developed strategies and researched the best methods for controlling remodeling dust.”

“Use a dust-containment barrier made of polyplastic sheeting to create a temporary wall, and cordon off areas. (ZipWall is one brand.) These containment systems have spring-loaded, expandable poles that allow you to install the plastic sheeting tight to the floor and the ceiling. When equipped with special foam rails, this system can create a fairly tight dust barrier or work area. If possible, try to eliminate access to the renovation area from inside the house.”

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