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Builder Magazine – MagStrip™ Dust Barrier Fastener Joins ZipWall® Dust Barrier System Jun 2018

The ZipWall® Dust Barrier System now includes the MagStrip Dust Barrier Fastener, a series of magnetic strips designed to keep dust barriers tight between poles in drop-ceiling applications.

Compared to other dust barrier fastening systems, the MagStrip Dust Barrier Fastener offers an easy, safe, and time-saving installation process, according to the manufacturer. “Commercial contractors working with drop-ceilings often use zip ties, tape or similar makeshift solutions to keep a barrier tight between poles,” says Jeff Whittemore, founder and CEO of ZipWall “That requires climbing up and down ladders, or using a manlift, which are time consuming and unsafe. With our new magnetic strips, the task takes seconds and workers never have to leave the ground.”

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