Server Room Renovation – ZipWall® barriers are often used to protect precious equipment during remodeling, renovation or repair. “Just finished up installing 250 feet of ZipWall dust barrier system for a customer who has to replace ac units in a server room. Very happy with how this system came together!” Posted by BCI Drywall & Finishes.


ZipWall Barrier for a Lab Expansion – “A laboratory clean room expansion is ready to begin with the installation of a ZipWall® dust barrier.” Posted by Pacific Sustainable Services, Inc. 


ZipWall® 20 foot Poles are Perfect for Commercial Applications – Strong and lightweight, these anodized aluminum poles extend up to 20 feet high. Fast & easy set-up without ladders! Posted by Sellco, Netherlands.


Dust Contained During a Recent TD Garden Remodel – These ZipWall® barriers have been keeping dust under control during a massive, 50,000 square foot and more than $100 million expansion of the arena. Doors are kept open for sports and entertainment events throughout the renovation.


Best in Class Remodelers Know – When it comes to customer satisfaction, the final product is as important as the customer experience. This is where dust control plays a critical role.  Image posted by Golden Hammer Construction.


Keep the Good and the Bad Where They Belong – “I love my ZipWalls and how they keep the good & the bad where they belong. Customers love them as well.” Posted By J&S Cleaning Services.


ZipWall® System for the Win! – A beautifully set barrier on an office remodel, keeping the work going throughout the interior construction project. Posted by TOMAK Group.


Commercial Job Made Easy by ZipWall® – One of the features contractors love most about ZipWall is how quick and easy it makes prepping the job site. Posted by OS Projects.


Protecting Sensitive Research Lab – When it is critical to keep dust contained, commercial remodeling companies often use ZipWall® barriers to seal off the worksite  This beautiful installation is in a scientific research building near Boston.


Dust Protection for Remodeling a Gym – This perfect ZipWall® barrier was set up to section off the work site and allow the gym to continue to operate during the remodel.  Barrier set-up and image by Sellco, Netherlands.


Room in a Room – ZipWall® poles make it quick.& easy to create a temporary wall or a room-within-a-room for keeping dust contained during a remodeling or renovation project. ZipWall® 12 foot poles were used in this installation.


Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic Sheeting – ZipFast™ reusable panels work with any ZipWall® poles to form a barrier as wide as needed. Commercial construction companies often use them when working in occupied buildings to conceal the worksite and keep doors open for business.