Minimize Disruption – ZipFast™ reusable barrier panels are a great solution when remodeling an occupied home. Dust is contained, construction mess is concealed, and life goes on! Image posted by Barista Building Company.


Homeowners Greatly Appreciate Dust Protection – “No one likes dust so do yourself a favor and use the ZipWall system to create a dust free barrier when working inside. The homeowners will greatly appreciate your efforts.” Posted by Grady Matteson.


Living at Home During a Remodel – This kitchen is functional while adjacent rooms are being remodeled. “Shoutout to ZipWall, I use mine almost every week!” Posted by Carlsons Painting.


Keep it Dust Free – Protecting the home from dust and ensuring the best possible finish is a top priority for professional remodelers. Check out this cool barrier configuration with vaulted ceilings!  Posted by Allsup Painting LLC.


Very Impressed: Easy to Use & Works Well – Tried ZipWall® for the first time during this window-to-door conversion. “No More Tape and Wasted Time! We were very impressed at how easy it was to use and how well it worked not letting dust out.” Posted by Kayco Construction.


ZipWall Magnetic Door for Easy Access – Great use of a ZipWall Magnetic door on this 32” door conversion to a 6’ patio slider. Easy hands-free access through this self-closing magnetic door! Posted by DRM Solutions.


ZipWall Magnetic Door and Air Scrubber – Work together to keep dust from spreading to the rest of the home throughout the various stages of a remodel: demo, framing, trades, drywall, and paint. Posted by Stumpff Homeworks.


Great Care in Protecting Client’s Home – A perfect demonstration of how to protect a client’s home from dust during a remodeling project. Posted by Stumpff Homeworks.


Access to Kitchen during a Remodel – A ZipWall® Magnetic Door makes a big difference in a kitchen remodel. Homeowners enjoy easy access through the barrier on evenings and weekends. Posted by JB Construction & Design.


Extra Tight Seal – Another great example of dust protection during a remodel, this one using the ZipWall® FoamRails™ to seal the barrier tightly along the ceiling. Posted by Stumpff Homeworks.


Dust Free Remodeling – “No matter if it’s just replacing a window or a big remodel, we can make sure it stays dust free and clean.” Posted by MNBuilt Inc. 


Quickly Seal a Barrier – After setting up a ZipWall® barrier, you can quickly seal it all the way around using FoamRail Spans – check out the Span™ Kit. Posted by ZipWall LLC.