Open for Business During a Remodel – This high-end department store is keeping its doors open during an extensive remodel thanks to a ZipWall® dust barrier. Merchandise and shoppers are protected from dust while demolition, drywall, and other messy work is happening on the other side of the barrier.


Spend a Few Minutes on Setup & Save Hours on Cleanup – A ZipWall® barrier is quickly set up to section off the work area from this Delaware Pro Shop and protect the merchandise from dust. A magnetic self-closing door enables the shop to stay open for business.


Doors Open for London Shoppers at a High-End Store – ZipWall® 20 foot poles and plastic sheeting are used to protect merchandise and shoppers from dust during a renovation.


High-End Retailer Open-Store Construction (1) – Retail construction companies use ZipWall® barriers to minimize clients’ downtime. The quick set-up and take-down make it easy to seal off the worksite, phase the work, and if necessary, work during the night and by morning, remove all traces of the jobsite – just in time for shoppers to walk in! Posted by Altered Image CNC.


High-End Retailer Open-Store Construction (2) – ZipWall® spring-loaded poles are very quick to set up, saving construction companies valuable time on set-up, take-down, and importantly, on cleanup and repair. The poles form temporary dust protection walls up to 20 feet high without requiring ladders or scaffolding – a huge safety benefit! Posted by Altered Image CNC.


Protect Millions of Dollars Worth of Merchandise from Dust – “When a big company calls you to be at a job after hours to set up dust barrier containment at Neiman Marcus to protect millions of dollars worth of inventory to have the tile and carpet demoed, it is a good feeling to know your work is quality.”  Posted by Altered Image CNC.


Minimizing Remodeling Disruption – Construction workers behind the ZipWall® barrier get their work done with minimal interruption to the retail space on the other side. An opaque ZipFast™ barrier keeps privacy on both sides of the barrier.


Magnetic Self-Closing Door for Easy Acces in a Chain Store Rollout Remodel – During this rollout remodel at multiple chain-store branches, a ZipWall® Magnetic Door was added to a ZipFast™ reusable barrier to provide employees easy access.


Chain Store Keeps Business Running During a Multi-Branch Renovation – This chain store chose ZipWall® ZipFast™ Reusable panels for their renovation. This reusable barrier conceals the dusty worksite mess and keeps the storefront clean and professional.


Open for Business During a Water Damage Emergency – Retailers can keep doors open to shoppers even during a water damage emergency. The affected area is quickly contained with a ZipWall® barrier so drying and restoration can begin. Posted by Superdry Restoration Inc.


Dust Protection During Floor Refinishing – Flooring is among the dustiest renovation projects. This Floor Coverings International storefront shows its customers the easiest dust protection solution: a ZipWall® Dust Barrier using eco-friendly ZipFast™ panels, and a HEPA air scrubber behind the barrier.


Keep Merchandising Displays Looking Good During a Remodel – This nice looking retail space is undergoing a remodel. A ZipWall® dust barrier with clear plastic lets backlighting through while protecting merchandise – and shoppers – from dust.