Demolition in a Hospital Renovation Project  – In this emergency room renovation at Southern NH Medical Center, demolition started as soon as the ZipWall® dust barrier was set up and ICRA inspection completed.


Demolition in an Occupied Home – Dust is a top concern when remodeling an occupied house, especially with young kids. ZipWall® barriers are a great solution. “Thank goodness for dust management systems,” says this homeowner whose husband is the professional remodeler! Posted by Homeformation.


House Addition and Kitchen Remodel – A ZipWall® barrier sections off the work area and protects the rest of the house from dust during a remodel. In this project, dust protection was set up in preparation for the kitchen demo, involving tearing out the tile floor and drywall. Image posted by Garret Haynes.


Basement Excavation for Main Sewer Repair (1) –The basement floor is marked, dust barriers are up, and excavation is ready to begin, dust-free and odor-free. Image posted by Flow King Rooter.


Basement Excavation for Main Sewer Repair (2) – A main sewer repair doesn’t have to be unpleasant. ZipWall® barriers can be used to enclose the affected area and keep the rest of the property separated from the mess and odors. Image posted by Flow King Rooter. 


Basement Excavation for Main Sewer Repair (3) – Demolition dust in a basement tends to spread to the rest of the house unless a dust barrier is set up. Containing dust is always important, especially when concrete dust is involved. Image posted by Flow King Rooter. 


Dust Protection for Selective Demolition – ZipWall® poles make it easy to seal off a small area when necessary. “Green laser and a steady hand make a new doorway in an old wall.” Posted by Block Design | Build.


Dust Protection in a Delaware Country Club ProShop – A ZipWall® dust barrier was set up to protect ProShop merchandise during demolition. The quick remodel mandated a tight schedule, and the fast ZipWall® set-up perfectly fit the bill!


Dust Free Demo – “Thanks again ZipWall for helping create a dust-free environment on this demo project. Tore out drywall and tile and the adjacent kitchen passed the white glove test afterward.” Posted by Miera & Son Construction.