American Painting Contractor: Dust Containment – Sanding Tips & Tricks Sep 2016

Excerpts from APC article Sanding Tips & Tricks

“Before sanding, set up a temporary dust barrier around your work area,” recommends Jeff Whittemore, chief executive officer of ZipWall, maker of dust barrier systems. “This will protect your customers’ home or business from the annoyance and potentially harmful effects of dust, and save you significant time during cleanup,” says Whittemore. Paint professionals can purchase a dust barrier system that takes only minutes to set up, requires no taping or use of ladders, leaves no surface damage, and fits ceilings up to 20 feet high.

“To further protect dust from escaping the work area, you may use negative air pressure by placing a fan to exhaust air through a window or a vent,”, suggests Whittemore. When prepping an entire room, cover doorways to prevent dust from escaping. Dust barrier zippers accessories that act as doors are a quick and easy way to provide access in and out of the work area.

Published in American Painting Contractor magazine September, 2016.