Journal of Light Construction: ZipWall Magnetic Door for a Dust-Free Zone Jun 2017

JLC highlights ZipWall “Hands-Free Dust Door”, explains that the new door makes it “easier to move and carry materials in and out of a dust-free zone… The ZipWall Magnetic Dust Barrier stays closed thanks to magnetic strips that are sewn into the fabric of the door where a zipper would normally be.”

The authors point out that the magnets are “strong enough to come to a close on their own, but not so strong that you have to fight to walk through them. So if you’re walking into a dust-free zone with your hands full, there’s no zipper to undo or need to stop moving as you enter. ZipWall says that the strips will function in either positive or negative air situations and that the nylon fabric is flame retardant. A clear plastic window allows you to see on the other side so you don’t run anyone over as you’re entering through the door.

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