MagStrip™ Dust Barrier Fastener

Keep your barrier tight between poles when working with a drop-ceiling

Powerful magnetic strips easily attach to the steel grid of a drop-ceiling using a ZipWall® pole and the specially designed applicator. No ladders or tape are required! A quick and safe tool for commercial contractors for keeping a barrier tight between poles. Each package includes four 26″ magnetic strips and one applicator for use with a ZipWall® pole.

Pole is not included.



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For commercial contractors working with drop-ceilings

Once a dust barrier is held up securely with ZipWall® poles, MagStrips are a great way to keep the barrier tight between poles. They are fast to mount and remove, and do not require ladders or tape – a dramatic time saving and safety improvement compared to tape, zip-ties or other commonly used methods.

To attach the magnetic strips, mount the provided applicator on any ZipWall® pole. Place each strip on top of the applicator and raise it to the ceiling using the pole as a handle. The strong magnets will attach to the grid, securely holding the barrier material against the ceiling, and allowing you to easily pull off the applicator.

You can also use the applicator to safely remove the magnetic strips.

Key features:

  • Fast to set up and remove
  • Magnetic strips snap onto the steel grid
  • Applicator works with any ZipWall® pole
  • Reusable and professional
  • No ladders, no tape, no damage

Contents: Four 26″ magnetic strips and one applicator for use with a pole. Pole not included.

Shipping information:
Weight: 1.1 lb
Dimensions: 27″ × 2.5″ × 2″

To attach:

To take down:

MagStrip™ Barrier Fastener for Drop Ceilings

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