ZipFast™ Multi-Pack

An eco-friendly alternative to plastic sheeting

ZipFast™ Reusable Barrier Panels quickly zip together to fit the size of the job. Made of high-tech fabric, these machine washable panels are ready to use – no measuring or cutting is required!

The ZipFast™ multi-pack is the perfect starter kit. It includes three 5 foot wide panels, one 2.5 foot wide panel that can be used as a door, and a ZipFast™ carry bag. All panels are 12 feet high. Poles are not included.

Individual panels are also sold separately.
Poles are not included.



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ZipFast™ reusable dust barrier is a great alternative to plastic sheeting. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, the ZipFast™ barrier is ready to use out of the box. It is professional looking and opaque – the visual separation of the work area provides privacy and minimizes disruption for workers and customers alike.

Made of high-tech fabric, the ZipFast™ barrier comes in panels 2.5, 5, and 10 feet wide, and also in a multipack. The panels, all 12 feet high, can be quickly zipped together to fit the size of the job. The ZipFast™ barrier works with all ZipWall® poles. Poles are sold separately.

The ZipFast™ multi-Pack is a perfect starter kit. It allows you to create a barrier up to 17.5 feet wide, which includes a 2.5 foot wide door with hook and loop fastener tie-backs. The carry bag makes it easy to store the ZipFast™ barrier between jobs and always have it on hand.

Key features:

  • Ready to use – no measuring or cutting
  • Greener and more cost-effective than plastic sheeting
  • Provides privacy on both sides of the barrier
  • Professional looking
  • Made of high-tech fabric with built-in heavy duty zippers
  • Machine washable

Contents: Three 5′ × 12′ panels, one 2′ 6″ × 12′ panel, and a ZipWall® carry bag.

Shipping information:
Weight: 4.9 lb
Dimensions: 9.5″ x 13.5″ x 5.75″

Zip the panels together to make the barrier as wide as you need.

The panels are marked so that you can easily identify their orientation.

Start at the top – look for “Top Left” – and zip the panels downwards. This will enable you to unzip from the bottom once the barrier is installed, similar to the fly of a tent.

Use the 2.5 foot panel as a doorway. Position it with that in mind when zipping your panels together. This panel comes with Velcro strips. Use them to create hands free access for moving equipment and supplies or for providing easy access to the worksite when needed. Simply unzip both sides, roll the flap up and secure it with the Velcro strips.