ZipWall® Offering New ZipDoor Magnetic Door Kit Dec 2021

ZipWall has introduced the ZipDoor Magnetic Door, its most versatile door kit. The new magnetic door can be used for sealing a doorway or creating a self-closing entry in a plastic barrier. It is quick and easy to set up with ZipWall double-sided tape, the company claims. It is specially designed not to damage the doorframe. Powerful magnets ensure the door maintains a tight seal while providing easy access, ZipWall said. The magnetic door panel is flame retardant and fully reusable.

The ZipDoor Magnetic Door Kit is designed for both residential and commercial dust containment applications. Sealing a doorway up to 46 inches by 86 inches takes just one minute, the company said, and creating a self-closing entry in a plastic barrier is easy too. ZipWall recommended making a doorframe with duct tape and attaching the magnetic door panel to the newly created doorframe.

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