ZipWall Helps Homeowners Recover Faster in Flooded Midwest May 2017

ZipWall Donates its Dust Barrier System to AmeriCorps Emergency Response Team in St. Louis.

ARLINGTON, Mass., May 22, 2017 — Homeowners in flooded areas of Missouri will soon be using the ZipWall® Dust Barrier System during drying and restoration of affected areas.

Record flooding in Missouri has resulted in millions of dollars in damage. As flood waters recede, Missouri residents are grappling with the aftermath.

To help families get back on their feet, ZipWall today announced it has donated 100 10-foot dust-barrier poles, 40 zippers, 20 carry bags and 24 ZipDoor® kits to AmeriCorps in Missouri.

ZipWall poles, when used with polyethylene sheets, quickly create temporary walls that allow contractors to section off a part of a room or part of a house. The isolated area can then be  dried, repaired and renovated without affecting other parts of the residence, allowing the family to remain in their home.

Entryways through the barrier can be created using ZipWall® Self-Adhesive Zippers, and existing doorways can be sealed off in under a minute using the ZipWall ZipDoor®  Kit.

During the flood restoration phase, after the area is dried, the ZipWall Dust Barrier System can be used to contain dust while damaged drywall is removed and renovations take place.

“ZipWall allows us to perform mold remediation in areas of an affected residence while protecting the family that continues to live there,” said Bruce Bailey, executive director of AmeriCorps, St. Louis Emergency Response Team.

“We’ve used ZipWall in the aftermath of many disasters to help vulnerable survivors remain in, or quickly return to, their homes and stabilize their lives,” continued Bailey.

“We are thinking of the people of Missouri facing flooding during this challenging time,” said Jeff Whittemore, founder and CEO of ZipWall. “Disasters like these take a toll on families, and we’re hopeful that our contribution can help them recover quickly.”