ZipWall® ZipDoor® Kit Review | Contain Remodeling Dust Jul 2020

“The ZipWall ZipDoor Kit is an ingenious dust containment system. It lets you easily and quickly build plastic dust containment walls. Prior to using the ZipDoor kit, I would literally have to build my own dust barrier wall with 2x4s, screws, and plastic. Not only is this a slow process (and an expensive one), but it can also cause floor and ceiling damage.”

This detailed review by the renowned remodeling pro Rob Robillard covers many important topics related to dust control including EPA regulations, keeping customer satisfaction high, and saving time and money!

ZipDoor Kit – Contain Remodeling Dust

A few excerpts:

“As a remodeling contractor, I learned early on that containing remodeling dust and keeping that dust out of the non-remodeled portion of your client’s home is often more important than the quality of your work. It’s a fact that construction transports fine dust particles into parts of your home that are not being worked on. This ZipWall ZipDoor Kit review was the result of many years of trial and error.”

“The Zip Door Kit Saves Me Time and Money.”

“This Zip Wall ZipDoor kit took me just a few minutes to install, and it’s ideal for jobs where I need to create a dust barrier and sealed access doorway. One side of the ZipWall tape is like traditional painter’s tape. It’s sticky enough to hold, but it doesn’t damage trim paint. The other side holds the plastic sheeting securely. It also lets you reposition the ZipDoor for up to an hour before fully bonding to the plastic—a feature I found invaluable. One person can install it in under a minute—reducing labor costs. Also, if you use care when removing it, you can use it again and again.”

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