Spray Guns in Construction – More and more ZipWall® spray booths are popping up on jobsites. It may be related to growth in the spray gun market which according to Yahoo Finance, is projected to increase by nearly $365 billion in 2019-2023, fueled by construction, automotive, and industrial applications. Image posted by Arclight Painting.


A Perfect Paint Booth – When spray painting on the job site is needed, a temporary spray booth can be set up quickly using a ZipWall® 4-pack pole kit, as shown here by these interior & exterior paint specialists. Image posted by Fresh Coats Painting.


A Quick Temporary Spray Booth – Setting up a temporary spray booth takes just a few minutes when using ZipWall® poles and plastic sheeting. Image posted by Arclight Painting.


“So easy to make!” – A great testimonial from this furniture finishing specialist in Indiana. “Look what’s in the spray booth!” Posted by Delilah Tree.


Hear it from the Pros! – ZipWall® poles are great for creating a quick temporary enclosure on the job site. “Too cold and too far to cut outside …. set up Zip Poles and 6 mil plastic spray booth or cutting station.” Posted by Rob Robillard, A Concord Carpenter, LLC.


Paint Drying Booth – A beautiful shot of this drying rack set inside a ZipWall® temporary booth. ZipWall® barriers are often used by professional painters not only to protect the property during spray painting, but also to protect wet surfaces from dust. Image posted by Maldonado Das.


Sturdy Spray Booth Made with 6 mil Plastic and ZipWall® 12 Foot Poles – “First painting booth made with 6 mil plastic and ZipWall, we’re are using the Graco paint sprayers to get the job done.” Posted by Lay It On Pittsburgh LLC.


Plastic Thickness Tips – ZipWall® poles all work well for creating a spray booth. Plastic thickness is a personal preference. The lighter the plastic, the lower the cost and the easier it is to handle. Plastic under 1 mil however can be hard to handle and control. Image posted by Lay It On Pittsburgh LLC.


“Spray Day! 😎🤘” – Prepping a job site for spray day is quick & easy when you use ZipWall® poles! Posted by Over The Moon Painting.


Great Looking Spray Booth – Made with ZipWall® 10-foot spring-loaded poles and 6 mil plastic sheeting. Image posted by Lay It On Pittsburgh LLC.


A Productive Day Using a ZipWall® Temporary Spray Booth – “Got lots of doors, base, casing, and shoe to spray.” Posted by GMH Construction.


A Budget-Friendly Paint Booth – Professional painters know that paint booths can be expensive. Building a temporary paint booth on the job site using ZipWall® poles is a smart and economical alternative! Image posted by One80 Home Concepts.