ZipWall® Enclosure for Drywall Repair in Upscale Restaurant – “Dust control barriers guarantee…your surroundings to be completely clean of any dust from sanding and cutting or paint splatters.” Built with ZipWall® 20 foot poles and standard zipper. Posted by Decor Painting, LLC.


Drywall Work at a Clean, Upscale Restaurant – Dust protection is critical when renovating a restaurant. “These ZipWall® dust barrier ensured easy setup for a flawless environment.” Posted by Decor Painting, LLC.


Food Warehouse Renovation – This ZipWall® dust barrier was set up to protect a food warehouse from dust during a remodeling/renovation project. Products used: ZipWall® 12 foot poles, heavy-duty zippers, and FoamRails™. Posted by DS Built, Australia. 


Fast Food Restaurant Open During a Remodel (1) – Every night, a ZipWall® dust barrier was set up and construction began, and every morning, the worksite was cleaned up and the barrier removed so the restaurant could open for business.


Fast Food Restaurant Open During a Remodel (2) – Thanks to a ZipWall® barrier, this installation of a new café took place without necessitating shutting down the restaurant during the remodel.


FoamRails™ Provide an Extra Tight Seal – When remodeling a sensitive environment like a restaurant, special care for dust protection is needed. ZipWall® FoamRails™ provide that extra tight seal along the ceiling, walls, and floor.


Dust Protection During Tile Installation – Remodeling in a sensitive area such as a restaurant requires attention to dust control. Here is a peek behind the barrier during glass mosaic tile installation in Florida. Posted by DCI Concepts.


ZipWall® Poles Makes Prep Easier for Sushi Restaurant Remodel – The job site is prepped to be protected and clean. “Picked up a couple 4-packs of ZipWall poles to make the prep job even easier.” Ready to knock down exterior walls and replace them with steel and concrete.  Posted by DCI Concepts.


Food court Dust Protection with ZipWall® 20 foot Poles – High ceilings are not a problem when setting up a ZipWall® dust barrier on a job site. With ZipWall® 20 poles, one person can easily and safely set up the barrier up to 20 feet high without a ladder.


Restaurant Stays Open for Business During a Remodel – ZipWall® barrier is set up, framing is done and next comes electric work and them trim. Notice the restaurant is open for business during the remodel, no worries about dust escaping the work area! Posted by JNL Designs & Construction.


Bowling Alley Cafe with Drop Ceilings is Prepped for Remodeling – ZipWall® poles work well with drop ceilings. The spring-loaded pole secures the barrier without lifting the grid or tiles. Posted by Briarglen Construction


Food Warehouse Protected from Renovation Dust – A ZipWall® barrier was set up to protect this food warehouse during renovation. ZipWall® 20 foot poles work with the high ceiling and FoamRails™ were added for an extra tight seal given the location is especially sensitive to dust. Posted by Sellco, Netherlands.