Span™ Mini Adjustable Tapeless Seal

Tightly seals a dust barrier without tape in seconds

This FoamRail™ tapeless seal attaches to any ZipWall® pole and tightly seals a barrier along the ceiling, floor, or walls. It extends from 2 feet 3 inches up to 4 feet and easily adjusts to fit the job. Requires no ladders or tape and leaves no damage.

Seals up to 4 feet with one pole.



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Tightly seals a ZipWall® dust barrier in seconds without tape, ladders, or damage

The FoamRail Span™ Mini can seal up to 4 feet of a barrier with one pole. Extending from 2 feet 3 inches up to 4 feet, this adjustable tapeless seal is designed to fit in narrow spaces like hallways, be used around columns, or close the gap when a short segment is needed to complete the seal of a dust barrier. It snaps onto any ZipWall® pole and presses the barrier against the ceiling. Add Floor Adaptors to seal at the floor.

Also available in a larger version.

FoamRail™ tapeless seals prevent dust from escaping the work area during remodeling, renovation and repair. Unlike tape, the FoamRail™ product line is reusable and provides a robust dust control solution that easily lasts the duration of the project. It can be used with negative or positive air, and is especially useful for construction work in locations like health care facilities, restaurants, retail space, office buildings, and any occupied residential or commercial property.

Key features:

  • Seals a dust barrier without tape in seconds
  • Requires no ladders and leaves no damage
  • Extends from 2 feet 3 inches to 4 feet
  • Aluminum construction with compressible foam
  • Reusable and cost-effective
  • Can be used with negative or positive air
  • Works with all ZipWall® poles
  • A great alternative for tape when tight sealing is required

Contents: One adjustable tapeless seal.

Shipping information:
Weight: 1.4 lb
Dimensions: 29″ x 4″ x 3″

Extend the Span™ Mini and flip the red tab to lock it at the desired width. IMPORTANT: Notice the arrows on the red slide – the direction of extending the Span™ Mini is essential to its proper function.

To seal a dust barrier at the ceiling, snap the Span™ Mini onto the ball joint of a ZipWall® pole, raise the pole with the attached Span™ to the ceiling, and lock it into place.

To seal a dust barrier at the floor, use Floor Adaptors. Replace the foot of the pole with a Floor Adaptor, place the Span™ on the floor, snap the pole onto it and set up the pole. Note: A barrier can be sealed at the ceiling and floor simultaneously with one pole.

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