ZipWall Introduces MagStrip for Drop Ceilings

ZipWall® Introduces the MagStrip™ Dust Barrier Fastener for Drop-Ceilings Jun 2018

Helps commercial contractors keep a barrier tight against a drop-ceiling between poles

ARLINGTON, Mass.June 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ ZipWall today announced the addition of a new product to the ZipWall® Dust Barrier System, the MagStrip™ Dust Barrier Fastener for drop-ceilings.

The MagStrip Fastener offers commercial contractors working in locations with drop-ceilings a quick and safe way to keep a dust barrier tight between poles. Each magnetic strip attaches onto the steel grid of a drop-ceiling using a ZipWall pole and the specially designed applicator. MagStrips are easy to set up and remove, and require no ladders or tape. Compared to commonly used methods like tape, the new ZipWall MagStrip Fastener offers dramatic time savings and safety improvements.

Key features of the ZipWall MagStrip Dust Barrier Fastener:

  • Keeps a barrier tight against a drop-ceiling between poles
  • Fast to set up and remove
  • Powerful magnetic strips snap onto the steel grid of a drop-ceiling
  • Applicator works with any ZipWall pole (not included)
  • Reusable and professional
  • No ladders, no tape, no damage

“Commercial contractors working with drop-ceilings often use zip ties, tape or similar makeshift solutions to keep a barrier tight between poles,” said Jeff Whittemore, founder and CEO of ZipWall. “That requires climbing up and down ladders, or using a manlift, which are time consuming and unsafe. With our new magnetic strips, the task takes seconds and workers never have to leave the ground.”

Each package contains four, 26″ magnetic strips and one applicator for use with a ZipWall pole (pole not included).

The ZipWall Dust Barrier System is a fast and efficient dust protection solution for remodeling and renovation. ZipWall spring-loaded poles – used with plastic sheeting or with the eco-friendly ZipFast™ reusable panels – create temporary dust barrier walls up to 20 feet high in minutes without ladders, tape or damage. The system includes accessories to create doors in the barrier, seal off doorways, from a tight seal along the ceiling, floor and walls and prevent tracking of dust out of the work area.  ZipWall barriers are ideal for commercial and residential contractors, and for facility managers, during renovation, remodeling, restoration, remediation, abatement, demolition, concrete work, sanding, painting, drywall, and any jobs that create dust.

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