The Boston Globe: Ask the Carpenter – Remodeling? Steps for Containing all that Dust Nov 2017

Tips for Contractors: Enclose the area, if needed. “As a carpenter, I learned pretty quickly that controlling remodeling dust and keeping it from spreading throughout your client’s home is a challenge. It is often more important than the quality of Read more

Facilities Management introduces the ZipWall Magnetic Door Nov 2017

“The Magnetic Dust Barrier Door provides a hands-free entry to the jobsite while containing dust. The reusable barrier can be installed with an adjustable header bar that works with spring-loaded poles. Specially designed magnetic strips snap together to attach the Read more

World of Concrete Contractor Supply: The ZipWall Magnetic Door Ideal for Contractors Nov 2017

New Products Highlights – “Ideal for contractors, the ZipWall Magnetic Dust Barrier Door provides a hands-free entryway into the job site while keeping dust contained. It is quick and easy to install with an adjustable header bar that works with Read more

Tools of the Trade Magazine: The Perfect Solution for Work in Finished Homes or in Active Commercial Settings Nov 2017

“ZipWall is a dust barrier and containment system made specifically for construction sites. It’s the perfect solution for work in finished homes or in active commercial settings. As a remodeling contractor and custom home builder, we have been using ZipWall Read more

Fine Homebuilding: Prepping for Demolition Oct 2017

Before you take the first swing, protect the rest of the house. Temporary dust walls keep dust from escaping a work site, but you still need a door to get in and out. Some folks just cut a slit for Read more

Fine Homebuilding: Kitchen Remodel – Managing Demolition Debris Oct 2017

Oorganizing the mess protects the home and its occupants, and saves time and money “After all of the site protection is up and the demo begins, the debris piles up quickly. It’s tempting to get it all into the dumpster Read more

Qualified Remodeler: Reusable, extendable dust barrier Sep 2017

ZipWall expands its ZipWall Dust Barrier System with the addition of its FoamRail Span Mini Tapeless Seal. The adjustable rail extends up to 4 ft. and seals a dust barrier without tape or the use of ladders and without damage Read more

Journal of Light Construction: Jobsite Dust Management Sep 2017

Known for its Dust Barrier System, ZipWall has introduced the ZipWall Mat, a sticky mat that helps prevent tracking dust in and out of a work area. The adhesive surface of the mat is long enough for two steps and Read more

American Painting Contractor Magazine Introduces the FoamRail Span™ Mini Sep 2017

In it’s Contractor’s Tool Bag section, APC introduces the “addition to the FoamRail Span Mini Tapeless Seal, an adjustable rail that extends up to 4 feet and tightly seals a dust barrier without tape. This new addition to the ZipWall Read more

Journal of Light Construction: ZipWall Dust Barrier Toolkit Sep 2017

JLC reminds its readers of the useful ZipWall® Dust Barrier Toolkit: “A Quick Pop-Up Dust Barrier. ZipWall’s Dust Barrier Toolkit allows contractors to create a 16-foot-wide, sealed dust barrier in minutes. The kit is easily set up on site, requires Read more

HomeStars: Staying at Home During a Renovation Aug 2017

If you’re knocking down walls, drywall dust will be everywhere. To limit the dust in rooms not being renovated, seal off those rooms with a ZipWall or a zippered clear plastic sheet that’s adhered to the top of the doorway Read more

Health Facilities Management: Dust-Free Zone Aug 2017

Dust-free zone; FoamRail Span Mini Tapeless Seal has an adjustable rail that extends up to 4 feet and tightly seals a dust barrier without tape. Ideal for narrow spaces, it is the newest addition to the Dust Barrier System and Read more

Retrofit Magazine: Products Highlighted Jul 2017

“Prevent dust from tracking beyond work area,” announces Retrofit Magazine in its Products section highlighting the latest roundup of materials and systems for the industry. “ZipWall has introduced the ZipWall Mat, its latest addition to the comprehensive ZipWall Dust Barrier Read more

Painting Pro Times: ZipWall Span Mini is Ideal for both Residential and Commercial Job Sites Jul 2017

PPT introduces its readers to the new tapeless seal product from ZipWall. “The Span Mini adds to the versatility of the ZipWall FoamRail product family. It is reusable, cost effective, and ideal for small spaces in both residential and commercial Read more

Facilities Management: Renovating? Find out how new dust barrier products keep the dust out of occupied spaces Jul 2017

“ZipWall recently announced two additions to its comprehensive ZipWall Dust Barrier System, which was created to keep dust out of occupied areas during a construction or renovation project and to help meet lead abatement compliance rules.” The article highlights the Read more